Laparoscopic Entry Kit


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1-#3 Knife/Scalpel Handle
1-#7 Knife/Scalpel Handle
1-Mayo Scissors, STRAIGHT, 6.75
1-Mayo Scissors, CVD, 6.75″
1-Metzenbaum Scissors, STR,6
1-Metzenbaum Scissors, CVD, 7
1-Dissecting Forceps, No Teeth, 6
1-Tissue Forceps with 1*2 Teeth, 7
2-Adson Brown Tissue Forceps, reg.
1-Adson Tissue Forceps 1*2 Teeth, regular length
2-Mosquito Forceps/Clamp, STR,5. no teeth
2-Mosquito, Halstead, Clamp,5, CVD, no teeth
2-Crile Forcep/Clamp/Hemostat, STR, 5.5
2-Crile Forcep/Clamp, CVD, 5.5
4-Rochester-Pean Forceps, CVD, 6.25
2-Lahey RT. Angle Forceps,7.5
4-Forester Sponge Stick
4-Backhaus Towel clamp, Penetrating,5
1-Heaney Needle Holder, CVD,8.25
2-Webster Needle Holder/Driver,STR,5
1-Crile Wood Needle Holder/Driver, STR,
1-Parker Retractor, SET
2-Weitlaner Retractor, BLUNT, 5
1-Appendicile/ Richardson, 9.5″ , 52mmx22mm
2-Senn retractr, SHARP
4-Allis Tissue forceps, STR, 6.25
2-Babcock Forcep,short, 6.25
2-Gelpi Retractor, 4″ approx
14″ Stringer
16″ Toolbox

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 10 × 10 in