Cardiac Mock Kit


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Potts-Smith Scissors, 45-degree ang, 7.5”
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, 6″
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, Reg.2.7mm, 8″
DeBakey Tissue Forceps, Reg. 9.5″
Weitlaner Retractor, BLUNT, 8”
Weitlaner Retractor, BLUNT, 5”
Davidson Scapula Retractor
Cushing Retractor
Hemo Clip Applier- MEDIUM
Rib Approximator, Bailey
Rib Spreader, Finochietto, Buford
Rib Shears
Doyen Rib Rasp, Right
Javid Carotid Graft Clamp
Castroviejo Needle Holder, 9.5″
Rummel Stylet, aortic/venous suture puller
Castroviejo Needle Holder, 5.75″
16″ Toolbox

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 8 in


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