Our Company

Who is Mock Medical?

Mock Medical is the first and only company to market educational surgical instrument kits, and unsterile supplies that look and act as sterile.

Our Story

As a full-time student in Surgical Technology, single mother of two and working two part-time jobs, Darilea Dingel-Fehr, soon recognized a tremendous need for an at-home, surgical instrument kit that could be used to practice many various techniques needed to be successful in her education as well and most importantly, in her field.

Upon further research, it was found no other means of our “kit” is currently offered. By providing each and every new student with their very own lab/instrument kit, we believe that learning the basics of the industry will become very clear and the students will have unlimited handling of each and every instrument in the lab or more importantly, at home!

In addition, now have been in the industry a few years, we have learned another need…. Simulation labs have small budgets!!! Therefore we have added to our Simulated Surgical Instrument lines.. a full line of unsterile supplies. Not forgoing any educational need, but providing the facility with a more cost effective option!

Our Vision

At Mock Medical, LLC, our primary role is to provide Instruments and Supplies for a hyper real surgical experience at an affordable cost!